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Case Studies

Local Authority

West Midlands


This local authority in the West Midlands suffered considerably due to it’s lack of working/meeting spaces. Existing meeting rooms were often oversubscribed and lacked flexibility. Although fortunate enough to occupy a large estate, the traditional routes open to the authority for creating additional meeting rooms proved time consuming and would have been highly disruptive.

The building has an abundance of shared, common commuting areas, large open walkways and corridors between offices and internal spaces. However these walkways have always been considered underutilised space. 


Frem Group were able to work with the local authority in the West Midlands to identify the areas that best offered easy access and visibility. 

Frem specified their 1.0 and 1.1 series of the Oasis Sky Pods to create a cost-effective and time-efficient installation. The new meeting “rooms” were used to promote communication, flexibility and personal wellbeing. Conveniently, the Oasis Sky Pods only require a 13amp power socket, no extra power supplies are needed! 

The local authority now benefits from 3 Oasis Sky Pods (with a fourth Pod under consideration), continuing to provide easily accessible touchdown, personal and 1-2-1 meeting spaces throughout the building. 

Each Oasis Sky Pod was installed in a single day and had little or no disruptive bearing on the day to operation of the business.


‘The initial two Oasis Sky Pods were constructed and installed in a day and have become increasingly popular, so much so that a third pod has recently been added.’

- Clive Werrett, H&S Manager