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Case Studies

West London School


Occupying the lower levels of a listed Church in London, the requirement was for additional study and small group tutoring space which was desperately needed by this West London School.

The existing basement external area was, to a larger extent, unusable other than a small play area. This external, dead space was perfect for adding in extra study space but was extremely difficult to access when considering a traditional build and standard solutions.


Frem Group proposed the installation of a 2.0 series Oasis Sky Pod, complete with fitted furniture, which would provide the additional space required without the need for a traditional extension.

Planning permission was then sought due to the current listing of the building. Whilst there was a lengthy process to gain the required permission (in the region of 6 months), permission was finally granted, and with a small amount of proprietary groundworks, the installation was carried out in a single day. 

This 2.0 series Oasis Sky Pod now provides the perfect study and tutoring space for the children and teaching staff, allowing for a far better use of the external space with minimal disruption.

‘The Oasis Sky Pod has proved a great facility for small pupil groups, staff and parent meetings. Bright, comfortable and the children love using it.’ - Julia Bottomley, West London School