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Creating Valuable Office Space
23 May 2017

Creating valuable office space

See how Frem have the perfect answer at Clerkenwell Design Week
CDW will be running from 23rd May - 25th May and a visit to the Frem Showroom is a must if you want to experience real innovation and cool new ideas.
If you have been keeping up with our newsletters you will know that we are launching our new Oasis Collection of Hubs, Booths and Pods.
To-date our collaborative meeting spaces have been about helping workers find an ‘Oasis of Calm’ in a busy office thus improving productivity and well-being.
However, our NEW Oasis Sky range provides a completely different benefit to businesses. We are delighted to unveil our unique series of EXTERNAL pods with a distinctive contemporary design and the ability to create additional office space from under-utilised areas outdoors.
Oasis Sky has already enjoyed success with schools and universities who have looked for a permanent addition to their main facilities. Their flexibility in terms of size and excellent acoustic qualities make them an ideal addition to both educational and commercial office space.

We will have a Sky Pod on display at our showroom at 20-24 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TS, so please do pop along and experience it for yourself.