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Introducing at CDW the first interactive soft seating that actively helps improve workplace productivity, from Frem.
23 May 2016

Introducing the first interactive soft seating that actively helps improve workplace productivity, from Frem.

Giving employees a ‘home from home’ environment has been shown to increase focus, and in turn, productivity. During Clerkenwell Design Week, Frem will launch their latest innovation in office technology: the Matrix 6 Collection.

A collaboration between Frem, prominent psychologist Dr Craig Knight, and award-winning designer Rock Galpin, the Matrix 6 Collection leads the way in integrated office technology.

The Matrix 6 is a flexible collection of soft seating with innovative embedded technology, which actually helps increase employee focus and workplace productivity. Using Bluetooth Technology, Wi-Fi, acoustic and visual control, each employee can create a personalised workspace.

Dr Knight, who specialises in wellbeing and productivity in the workplace, says: “There is a direct link between comfortable, autonomous people, and high productivity. Implementing these changes is not difficult, and it yields rapid results.”

Award-winning designer Rock Galpin, who’s clients include Saatchi & Saatchi, Heal’s, Designers Guild, Boss, and the British Council, to name but a few, designed the seating to be dynamic, comfortable, and functional.

Rob Bosher invented the technology: “By integrating technology holistically throughout the collection, you don’t have to plug anything in, so it’s incredibly user-friendly. It all happens seamlessly, where everything appears, as if by magic. The Matrix 6 Collection is all about understanding new demands in office space, and new market-leading product types that achieve higher productivity through increased focus.”

Be the first to experience the Matrix 6 Collection, and attend one of Dr Knight’s seminars on Technology in the Workspace to find out how you could benefit from Frem’s innovative new range.
With seven standard options, which can each be customised to a client’s specifications, Frem is proud to launch Matrix 6 at Clerkenwell Design Week.

Frem are a leading UK manufacturer of innovative office, reception and meeting room furniture, storage solutions and library furniture. From bespoke reception areas and boardrooms, to standard desks and seating, storage and acoustic solutions; Frem do it all. With established and respected in-house designers, and experienced, highly-skilled engineers and cabinet makers, Frem provide superior quality solutions, manufactured to the highest standards.

A Chartered Occupational Psychologist, registered with the Health Care Professions Council, Dr Knight is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter and a Director of Haddleton Knight. With three decades of commercial experience, Dr Knight has many publications in the field of psychology of working environments, with a focus on wellbeing, creativity and productivity. His research has proved it is possible to enhance wellbeing by 50%, effective intelligence by 19%, and performance by 32%.

Known for his close working relationships with his clients, Rock Galpin is an award-winning designer, who founded Studio Orange in 1995, followed by design studio Rock Galpin Limited in 2005. Galpin’s energy, creativity and drive has lead to him being called the “designer who strives to break the mould” (Journalist Dominic Lutyens.) He is also Senior Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins and runs his own short courses in furniture and product design.

Anjul Josan, Group Marketing Manager, Frem Group 01604 756567