Screens for privacy, comfort and increased productivity. All of our high quality screens offer enhanced privacy, and a physical barrier between colleagues, so that each worker has their own space.

Non Acoustic

Let Frem help you design a solution that fits perfectly with your workplace and décor.

As well as making desk spaces more inviting and comfortable, our Screen systems are fantastically flexible. They can create breakout areas and media suites, which allow creativity to flow, and encourage informal communication and collaboration. Screens are available in a wide range of fabrics, many of which can be pinnable, and also have options for white board or glazed sections.

Our screens are designed to be easily moved around when needed, but with a solid, permanent feel. Frem also offers acoustically engineered versions of many of our ranges, which not only blocks sound, but also absorbs it, which has been shown to markedly improve focus and reduce distractions.