About Us 


Caring for the Frem Family

Family life is at the heart of Frem’s business ethos: as a family-owned business, we cherish the value of a healthy work/life balance. We encourage our team to give us ideas about what they’d like to see, and reward the best ideas with prizes. We even treat all our employees to bacon butties every Friday morning.

We believe investing in our staff is the best way to keep them happy. And a happy team is a motivated team. Every one of us is dedicated to ensuring we hit the highest standards possible, at every stage of our process.

Our staff retention rates are very high: 88% of our team have been with us from the beginning. Many of our employees have a career for life, and we have two generations of the same family working for us, which we are very proud of.

We have acheived Investors in People accreditation, which shows we've got what it takes to lead and support teams, for sustainable results.

Our ‘can do’ attitude means that we thrive on problem solving, and we have never found a problem that we cannot overcome through innovative thinking and design expertise.

Corporate Values

     F uture proof always by clearly thinking about the long term impact of the business decisions we
        make today.

     R ise to the challenges of the commercial world and design products and implement marketing
        ideas that make a difference.

     E nsure that a clearly articulated and measurable purpose is followed in all Group Companies so
        as to drive decisions and fuel success resulting in a positive impact on our people, customers,
        communities and environment.

     M ake sure that our principles and values are embedded in all existing and new Group Companies.

Core Values

     G racious -  We are a committed troupe who are always courteous ,honest, responsible and trustworthy

     R eliable -  We always strive to be flexible, helpful, reactive and exceed expectations

     O utgoing -  We aim to be creative in our thinking and actions to allow us to push the boundaries
                          of normality

     U nited -  We are the ‘Frem Family’ of friendly and inclusive people who pull together as a team

     P ride -  We provide products and services that we can all be proud of