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Case Studies

Autumn Yard



A US start-up company wanted to shoot a promotional video to advertise its new innovative product offering using one of Frem Group’s Oasis Linear Duo Pods. The promotional video needed to have global appeal, and the start-up company was in search of an informal, coffee shop-style setting where they could film on-the-go professionals making use of a co-working space.


The start-up company wanted to shoot in London due to the city’s international appeal, so it hired out a Hackney restaurant called Autumn Yard for the day. Frem Group installed an Oasis Linear Duo Pod, which was the ideal setting for mobile executives to be filmed co-working for the video. 

The work space pod, which comes in a range of sizes, stands directly on the floor, which means it is quick to install and easy to relocate, perfect for a shoot. It is fully enclosed and benefits from acoustically absorbent materials, an LED ceiling light and air circulation, making it a great option for private meetings in open-plan offices or breakout areas.

The shoot was a huge success and the client was delighted with the final result on-screen.