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Case Studies

Brindley Theatre



The Brindley theatre is the main centre for arts and entertainment in the borough of Halton and has won several awards including the Royal Institute of British Architects Architectural award.

Audise By Frem Group had been tasked with rejuvenating the theatre space where the seating and carpet had become tiered and worn after many years of heavy use. The centre manager did not want to deviate from the original design of the existing theatre too much and given the rich history of the establishment, it was important that the refurbishment was delivered to a very high standard. 

Given the theatre’s hectic performance schedule Audise had 8 weeks notice prior to starting on site with only 18 days to complete the works.


Audise by Frem Group provided all new componentry to exactly the same specification and standard as the original materials. This included the colour, materials and acoustic properties of the carpet.

Several sub-contractors, suppliers and manufacturers were collaborated with to ensure all aspects of the specification was perfect. For example the carpet had to have the precise acoustic rating and the chair upholstery colour needed to match impeccably.

The project included the following stages: 1. careful removal of the seating 2. close co-ordination with stage sanders 3. old upholstered components disposal 4. carpet and underlay removal 5. new carpet and seats re-fitted. As a result the entire project was completed on time without delays or additional cost.