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Case Studies

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Royal College of Arts


Working with Haworth and their client The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Frem Group Screens were asked to create a number of different working environments that were acoustically sound within their design studio in South West London. The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design is endowed by the Helen Hamlyn Trust, a charity dedicated to supporting innovative projects that will effect lasting change and improve quality of life. 

The brief was to assist in creating a number of areas dedicated to specific work functions, private offices, meeting rooms, project rooms and a telephone booth for making private calls. Good acoustics were imperative to the client as interruptions were not welcome due to the nature of the work that the occupants were undertaking.


In response to the brief, Frem proposed their Dimension Pod System. This system meant that they could keep costs to a minimum by using the existing plastered brick walls of the building as the rear walls to all of the rooms being built into an alcove. The flexibility of the system also allowed for the customer to have the exact sizes they required. 

Appropriate amounts of acoustic absorbing materials were also used in the ceilings and walls of the Dimension Meeting Pod allowing the customer to have the rear existing wall as a feature/work wall if needed for the various projects they were working on. Lighting and ventilation were controlled by PIR on entry to the rooms. The front elevations were glazed where it was felt that natural light was needed.