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Case Studies

IT Company

Milton Keynes


In conjunction with our dealer, Frem Group were consulted by an IT company in Milton Keynes to produce a 20 metre long table to be used for forty hot desk positions. 

The clients original requirement was for a solid concrete table that was free of any joints, thus giving a raw and industrial feel to the product. 

However due to the inherent properties of concrete, with the need for expansion joints, this was where our challenge really began.


Frem Group’s design team researched our suppliers for a product that most resembled concrete in appearance, and came up with a solid surface material from Hanex. After our cabinet makers spent three days on site gluing and polishing sixteen individual leaves, the end result was a stunning 20 metre long table top with no visible joints. To further enhance the appearance, an American Black Walnut veneer strip ran through the centre of the table, incorporating suited veneer cable flaps, concealing forty power points. The base had specially commissioned steel hoop legs at either end, with veneered box bases in-between, all with cable carrying facilities. 

Adjoining offices were furnished with conference tables manufactured with white Avonite tops. The end result was a table that totally met the clients brief, whilst guaranteeing longevity.