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Case Studies

Jazz Club


The project commenced during the expansion of an established London Jazz Club. The club wanted to connect with a trendy street cafe at the front by leading patrons through the café to the hidden Jazz club behind. In order to do this the club had to knock through to the shop in front to reveal the existing Jazz bar at the rear. It was essential that the two areas blended together seamlessly, and so the furniture and fittings of the new interior needed to replicate and complement both the existing shop and bar spaces. The architect was specific about the treatment of the oak furniture we supplied and emphasised the importance of the established “key-hole” theme that had to be incorporated in an obvious and tasteful way.  The challenge was to create a harmonious retro feel.


Working with quality 80mm thick solid oak, specialist finishers applied ageing techniques to the finished furniture to achieve the desired authentic effect.  This aging technique was applied to the cafe counter, a 4m bench table, twelve 4 seater tables and fifty individual bench seats. 3D acrylic ceiling and wall panels incorporated the “key-hole” theme and ancillary items such as wine racks and fitted shelving continued the orange colour theme with coloured acrylic; providing the perfect backdrop to white shelving systems.  A retro style music and cookery themed feature graphic wall was installed in both the café space and jazz bar behind it to complete the look and further tie both environments together.