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Frem adds Trellis & Canopy to the Novus Range!
01 November 2021

Novus the versatile workspace solution has even more to offer

Novus embraces today's multi-varied working styles and practices creating work settings for autonomy and interaction.


Joining the Novus range of modular configurable shelving and zoning system, the Novus mobile range, and the a-Zone collaborative bench, the Novus Trellis and the Novus Canopy provide even more versatility.  The Novus Trellis is a sleek 2D screening system with the same robust steel construction, customising spaces within the open-plan environment. Optional acoustic or moss panels can create colour, privacy, and visual difference.


The Novus Canopy goes that step further with the creation of a room within a room, by providing a canopy over the Novus system, with or without acoustic baffles, this provides dedicated space which is private yet still part of the modern office. Curtains can also be hung from the Canopy system, making a doorway or just visually softening the space.


All Novus systems are reconfigurable and can be retrofitted to truly enable a future proof workplace.