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A Sneak Peek At Frem's Latest Office Desking Solutions
20 September 2016

Frem have long been renowned for innovative and stylish office furniture solutions, and we are proud to announce we are expanding our desking range. Conceived by award-winning international designers, our four new systems have been designed to ensure there is something that truly has the wow factor. 
Starting with the unique So system, which has been designed by Italian architect and designer Claudio Bellini. All unnecessary pieces are cast aside, to create a lean, fluid and dynamic design, with cables cleverly hidden away. The system is perfectly modular, and can be combined with benches, tables, workstations and accessories.
Next comes Wave, created by Sezgin Akan. This elegant and timeless system is the perfect choice for teamwork and individual workspaces. The durability of metal and wood combine with geometric form and innovative character to help create a dynamic workspace.

Thirdly, we present Fluido. This was conceived by architect Paolo de Francesco and designer João Silva, and helps to organise your workspace, no matter how small or large it is. A practical solution to today’s fluid working environment, it can be quickly and easily reconfigured for ultimate flexibility.

And finally, the Domino offers a range of functional solutions, responding to the challenges that technology brings to workspaces. This sleek, simple system is our most cost effective system, but it does not compromise on style or features.
To learn more about the range, head to the desking area for more information so you can be prepared to advise your customers on the best solutions for their office desking!