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High quality screens for privacy, noise reduction and seamless design
21 November 2016

With 21st century offices often including long rows of desks, inside packed offices with limited space and privacy, unwanted or unpleasant sound can cause issues and discomfort for staff members. Files over spilling onto the next desk and making that important phone call with so much distraction around can be problematic. This is where screens come in, providing a stylish solution and adding privacy and noise softening capabilities.

Acoustic Screens

Frem manufacture and install a range of acoustically engineered screens, designed to block and absorb unwanted noise to provide a clearer working experience. Stylish and functional; our range covers all the bases, from desk mounted screens all the way up to customisable and bespoke systems, suiting your office and requirements.

Desks are made more comfortable and enticing, increasing productivity and providing an appealing working atmosphere for all employees. Both solid and transparent screens are available across the Atmosphere, Galaxy, Planet and Orb designs of acoustic screens.

Screen hung and desk hung systems are offered, with the strength of our screens allowing clients to reduce the number of supporting legs for a sleeker and modernised office look. The acoustic specified Orb range can absorb up to 95% of sound that hits it, creating a quieter, more productive environment.

As well as sound reduction, our flexible screens can be used for general break out, discussion and media areas, to inspire creativity and collaboration whilst brainstorming projects. Available in various designs with ranging thicknesses, Frem can offer acoustic solutions to all offices, regardless of size and shape.

Office Screens

Stand-alone office screens break up space and provide zones in large open plan rooms. Storage , printing and server areas can all be sectioned out in offices, providing easy navigation and a more private nature to the office.

Screens allow flexibility for changing designs and complete office relocations, providing an adjustable and cost-effective solution over walls and offices. Acoustic blocking is included in a variety of panels, preventing office sound from spreading throughout the workplace.

Office screens can include glazing, white boards, pinboards and more to provide useful, adaptable meeting rooms and waiting areas. A combination of curved and straight screens allow for a wealth of shapes and designs through ranges like Axis and Flare.

Our desk mounted Element range contains a flexible and temporary separation of desks and working zones. Due to its free standing nature, Element can be easily moved and adjusted whenever required with minimal effort. The simple floor standing Hubble provides more than just visual separation between work spaces), with its pinnable surface incorporating personalisation and organisation for local users.

With Frem’s range of desk and office screens, privacy and lower noise levels can become staples of your office environment.