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Inspire Creativity in Your Team with Imaginative Office Desking
03 March 2017

Your team in the office work hard day in and day out. They can spend countless hours working at their desks, offices, or meeting booths and pods building your business and working on major projects. Working in confined spaces with a lack of colour and inspiration can demoralise staff and productivity may be dropping.

Studies have shown that workers who are more engaged with their workplace have higher levels of satisfaction in the office and contribute more to their job and are more productive. It is important to create a positive workplace culture that staff are happy coming to work and thriving in their workplace.

When investing in office furniture and office desking you should be creating an environment that reflects your individual workplace and company culture. You can achieve this by discussing ideas and ideal working conditions with employees and incorporating that feedback into the consultation and design phases.

Take a look at our Inspiration Gallery to pick up some ideas for your next office renovation. Our extensive range of desking collections office desks are perfectly suited to any interior design style and there is something for everyone. Here is just a small selection of our range of office desking.

Go for Bold Lines and Shapes with Domino

Domino is our most cost-effective and striking office desking system we have, it is where functionality meets design and practicality. We have future proofed it for technology so that it allows you to bring more technology into your office space.

The bold shapes and striking clean lines make it perfect for open-plan office spaces as they give an airy feel to the office. The block colours available in the range also make small spaces look bigger and are suited to pods and sectioned spaces.

The brilliant simplicity of the Domino series of desks means that they are suited to any design that you have in mind for your office. They fit in perfectly with bright colours and blend in with the rest of the room for a more minimalist style.

Look at the full range of Domino desks in our specification guide.

Make Your Office Flow with Fluido

Inject some fun and colour with our Fluido office desking, the range has been designed to make the most of the small spaces with several desk shape options to create a series of desks in countless designs. Italian and Portuguese designed, Fluido offers a practical solution as it can be quickly and easily reconfigured to allow team members to communicate much more effectively.

The colourful office desks can be a great focal point for any office and can be configured to give your office a unique personal touch. The innovative layout design possible with these office desks can allow your employees to gain inspiration from better working relationships.

So, Your New Office Desking is Here

Sleek angles and open spaces are the elegant features of our So range of office desking. The minimalist approach has been created by Italian architect Claudio Bellini to create vast spaces of open areas to inspire open, unrestricted thinking.

One of the many benefits of So is the modular design, which creates an endless amount of styles and opportunities for staff to organise their individual spaces. Take a look at the full range of specification.

Wave Goodbye to Your Boring Office

Less is more and simplicity can sometimes shout louder than overcomplicating your office furniture. Frem’s Wave desking systems is the perfect choice for teamwork and individual workspaces with the flexibility to quickly switch between the two.

The geometric forms and shapes of the Wave range give it the adaptability to work well for any use, from an approachable desk for work with clients to meeting desks and cupboards that bring a breath fresh air to your office and a new lease of life to your team.