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Maximise your space at minimal cost!
15 May 2018

Introducing Oasis Soft Architecture at CDW2018.

Making the most of your office space is crucial in modern business. Introducing Oasis Soft Architecture, the latest addition to our popular Oasis Collection.
Visually stunning, this clever design gives you additional working space at minimal expense.
Using innovative Louvre-style canopies and bridges between - or at the ends and sides of - your existing or new Oasis Soft pods and booths, Oasis Soft Architecture transforms unused space into areas where people can work, collaborate and socialise.
Fully customisable to your needs, your additional spaces can be styled how you like. Think tables, sofas, soft seating, beanbags - the choice is yours.

Come and see Oasis Soft Architecture for yourselves at our London showroom next week.