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Dynamic meeting solutions for open-plan offices
01 September 2016

As offices are becoming faster paced and open-plan is now seen as the norm, it’s important to ensure your office is equipped to offer flexible working environments for all members of staff. Office dynamics often incorporate an open plan system to encourage communication between team members, but areas for private conversation, quiet work or team collaboration without causing disruption to the whole office is important for a happy and healthy work environment.

The Oasis range from Frem offers versatile solutions in the form of acoustically engineered rooms within a room. These pods offer additional rooms with a ceiling and deliver complete privacy, sound control and additional work spaces within any working environment.

Dimension Meeting Pods

Acoustically enhanced meeting pods are perfect when comfort and quiet are needed in the work place. All discussion and debates are able to take place right within the office without affecting the rest of the team.

With hydraulically closing doors accompanied by ambient lighting and automatic ventilation and you have the perfect working space for team meetings and quiet discussion. The Oasis meeting pod range is available in three sizes from: 5050 x 3050 x 2210 to 3050 x 3050 x 2210, offering a perfect solution for any office environment.

This versatile meeting pod combines fabric, acoustic panels and glazed frontage with manifestation options to give total control over the design and visibility of the pod. Either a subtle addition to the office or a bold capsule centrepiece, this range can offer the perfect solution.

Oasis Telephone Booths

Similar by design yet different in purpose, our range of Oasis Telephone Booths enable confidential and private conversations to take place at any time, without being affected by busy work areas. Hydraulically closing doors quietly close behind you offering complete concentration during conversations without excess noise playing a part.

Like the Dimension Meeting Pods, the Oasis Telephone Booths come with the addition of fabric interior panels and glazing to let as much or as little natural light in without compromising on performance. These booths can also come equipped with an occupancy beacon to inform when the space is taken, ensuring colleagues are aware of use without disrupting conversation.

The full Dimension and Oasis range is flexible in its approach. Whether incorporating customised branding or creating a centre piece within the office, there is a visual and acoustically beneficial solution to seamlessly integrate with your workspace.