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Bring your team together with Oasis Pods
24 November 2017

Frem are introducing their brand NEW Oasis Linear Team Pod which seats four to six people making it ideal for a team get together. After all, team work makes the dream work! Perfect for small group meetings, presentations or video conferencing, these extra deep team pods come in two additional depths and can be tailored to your exact needs.

Customise your Oasis Linear Team Pod however you choose, with options for a high-back sofa, Louvre ceiling and touchscreen control interface to name just a few. Acoustically absorbent materials, LED ceiling lights and passive infra-red sensors are all standard features for these Oasis Linear Team Pods, which will be the perfect addition to your office space.

Best of all, they stand directly on the floor with no base, making them simple and easy to install and relocate.To find out more get in touch today on 01604 756567 or visit our website.