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Office Screens to Seamlessly Divide Your Office Space
08 May 2017

As the office dynamic is changing, so is the way that we work. Open plan offices are becoming the norm and employee wellbeing is getting increasingly higher on the employers’ list, getting the office setting right to ensure employees have the space to be comfortable and pro-active at work is more important than ever.

Screens help to divide space, add privacy and create acoustically sound office environments. Thanks to the versatile range of screens from Frem, you are able to add another dimension to your office space. Whether you want to add acoustic qualities to absorb noise or create divides between desks, there is a screen from Frem’s range that can offer the perfect fit.

Acoustic solutions that maximise productivity

The University of Sydney’s research found that 42% of employees said they had no access to privacy in the workplace. This has a massive impact on the levels of productivity in the office with lower levels in comparison with those who had their own space. On average it takes people 15 minutes to get back into work after being distracted, this time quickly mounts up, affecting momentum and workflow.

This range of screens that offer a variety of acoustic levels that can support a variety of spaces, dependant on requirements. These acoustic screens are there to absorb and block unwanted sounds, increasing productivity and offering flexible workstations for users. Whether needed to be a break-away area or media suite, the versatile design of these acoustic screens can work effectively.

Integrated privacy solutions

Privacy at work is one of the key factors that employees look for from their desk space. Employees are spending more and more time in the office, with recent figures showing we are spending more time at the office than we do anywhere else. This reflects the need to ensure these areas are designed to support employees as they are working.

These screens act as a physical barrier between colleagues to separate workspaces and create flexible work zones. These non-acoustic and desk mounted screens are designed to be easily moved where needed, but with a permanent feel.

A range of screens to suit any desk

Screens are a quick and easy addition to any office. With a variety of styles, colours and sizes that can integrate with your space. Our range of desk mounted screens range from basic entry-level versions right through to high-specification and customisable variations to fit any shape or size of office. Our full range offers everything from desk mounted right through to acoustic screens to create solutions for any environment.

Take a look at the full range of desk mounted and acoustic screens available from Frem here to find the perfect fit for your office. Alternatively, get in touch here to speak to a member of the team about your specific requirements.