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Revolutionising the open-plan office for improved employee efficiency
21 August 2017


Open-plan is now the layout for most busy office spaces and we provide solutions to help improve privacy, work-ethic and well-being of your employees.
Do a simple online search of the term ‘open-plan office’ and you are inundated with articles stating just how unpleasant, unsociable and unproductive they can be. Not having individual spaces to focus on tasks can eventually lead to low-performing, unhappy staff. Distractions, general noise and your neighbour's messy desk may all contribute to the problem.

At Frem we understand that employee efficiency is paramount to a successful business and therefore we have created a collection of modern booths and pods to aid privacy within the open-plan office.
Not all businesses can offer their employees their own private office, making an open-plan layout the only option. Fortunately, not all is lost; our meeting pods and phone booths offer a fantastic solution, a private space to work away from the daily distractions in the workplace. Our modern design offers cutting-edge technology to ensure users are safe and comfortable, even for long periods of time.
Bringing back the phone booth
It turns out that the biggest distraction in the open-plan office can be the constant unwanted noise. Acoustics and office design are very important when it comes to working efficiently, as overhearing other employees’ conversations can tempt your team to join in. Eliminating general office noise is near on impossible however our Oasis Phone Booths may give your employees the privacy they need. Coming in many designs, our booths can provide a quiet work space for up to two people. Equipped with LED lighting, circulation fan and power they can be the perfect place to make a private phone call or work on an important report. Recent users of our Oasis Phone Booths have credited the design as being, clean, fresh and most importantly quiet. 
Welcome to the meeting pod
The next step up from the phone booth are the Oasis Linear Duo Pods and the Oasis Linear Meeting Pod, a room within a room. The pods offer a complete workspace for a small group of people within the open-plan office. They are perfect for meetings and employee collaborations which would otherwise distract the rest of the office. The outer design of the pod helps it to fit seamlessly into your office environment, giving your space a touch of modern innovation. 
Incorporating modern design features into an open-plan office can ultimately improve your employees’ privacy, work-ethic and well-being, without the hassle of relocating entirely. Our products incorporate the advantages of an open-plan layout with the benefits of having private work areas when desired. Talk to a member of the team today, to discover open plan office solutions for you.