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Come and see stunning Signature furniture in an Oasis of Calm
17 April 2018

Experience the luxury of Frem’s latest new line up at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

Frem Group are delighted to be back exhibiting alongside other prominent British and international design brands at Clerkenwell Design Week, the UK’s leading independent design festival.

2018 will feature Frem’s strongest line up to date, and they look forward to welcoming visitors, old and new to their showroom from 22nd to 24th May.

Experience the luxury of Frem’s latest designs including the new Signature product offering, expanded Oasis Collection and other innovations to enhance the office experience.


Introducing the New Signature Collection

This exclusive range of contemporary executive furniture represents luxury and craftsmanship at its best. These timeless hand-crafted pieces have been expertly designed and crafted to create inspirational offices and boardrooms, where the beauty of natural wood and metal goes hand in hand with quality and attention to detail.

The Signature Collection includes elegant meeting tables, statement executive desks, classic credenzas and chic coffee tables. Each piece is available in a range of popular veneers and embellished with metal inlay detail. Frem are certain these premium pieces will stand the test of time, becoming modern day classics.


Building on the Success of the Oasis Soft Collection 

The popular Oasis Collection offers a haven of calm in busy open plan offices. Upholstered in tactile, sound-absorbing fabric panels, Oasis Soft includes low level hubs, open booths, and fully-enclosed meeting pods. 

Frem are excited to announce the expansion of the collection to include Oasis Architecture, which will be showcased at their showroom. This innovative louvre design allows customers to bridge the gap between their Oasis pods and booths, creating an additional working space at minimal expense. These cost-effective yet visually stunning elements can be customised to meet the client’s needs.

Meanwhile, the new Oasis Social range offers low-level collaborative soft seating, in a flexible design, tailored to the client’s space and requirements. These multi-user hub configurations offer essential areas for team working, in a wide variety of ways.


Shush... Sound Masking at Work

Frem are passionate about reducing the distractions and lack of privacy of open plan office working. Clerkenwell Design Week sees Frem launch their latest weapon in the fight against unwanted noise - the Sound Masking experience. 

Sound Masking is the process of adding background noise to improve the level of speech privacy and reduce distractions. To find out more about how sound masking can deliver a 4% increase in employee productivity, come to a talk from leading Sound Masking Expert John Caton, on Wed 23rd May at 2-3pm and Thurs 24th May at 10-11am.


Introducing Novus

Frem are also launching their latest platform, Novus, which means ‘new’ in Latin by the way. Novus will showcase the latest on-trend furniture designs through the year, such as a new modular storage system which will be on display at the showroom during CDW. This fusion of metal and warm wood is available in multiple sizes and configurations. See it for yourself alongside the new AUTEM height-adjustable desk, where you can maximise output and minimise negative impact on the body by standing more and finding the exact height that allows you to maintain great posture.


Chic Receptions: First Look at Impressions

Clerkenwell Design Week is also your chance to get an exclusive first look at Frem’s new contemporary reception desk collection know as Impressions, which is sure to impress. The stunning new receptions will be available in solid surfaces and spray lacquered finishes, with metallic embellishment detailing. The first exciting product launch from this new range will be the stunning faceted reception desk. The complete launch of this collection will follow in September 2018.


As you can see, there are lots of new innovations launching at CDW. Frem would love to introduce you their latest product collections at Frem Group’s Showroom at 20-24 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TS. Their exerts will be on hand to demonstrate the benefits of these luxury pieces and answer any questions.



Frem are a leading manufacturer of innovative office furniture, reception, executive office, meeting, collaborative, storage and bespoke solutions. With respected in-house designers, and experienced, highly-skilled engineers and cabinet makers, Frem provide superior quality solutions, manufactured to the highest standards.



Anjul Josan, Group Marketing Manager, Frem Group

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