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25 October 2016

Oasis Phone Booth - Your Silent Retreat

Privacy can be difficult to find in a modern open plan office, but Frem has found the perfect answer in it's latest product launch.

The Oasis Phone Booth provides the perfect peaceful space for that important phone call or video conference, while ensuring that all conversations remain private. It also provides a silent retreat for uninterrupted work and offers a stylish, flexible and cost effective addition to any office space.

The Oasis Phone Booth includes a number of standard features such as the hydraulically closing door that quietly seals behind you, acoustic fabric panels, ambient lighting with a PIR sensor and an air circulation fan. Standard finishes include 3 veneer, 6 laminate and 12 fabric options.

Unlike other Booths, the Oasis Phone Booth has no base and stands directly on the floor, making it safe, quick to install and easy to relocate.

The Oasis Phone Booth works within the space available, whether that be a large open plan area or a narrow corridor. Where there is a space, there is a way.

Visit our Pods Oasis product section to download the brochure and specification guide, and even watch our latest installation video.

Your customers will not want to miss this!