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Stress-Free Storage Solutions, at the Touch of a button
07 November 2017

No matter how hard we work towards paperless offices, we will always need smart storage. FremTrac offers the perfect solution, and now comes with new and exclusive automated technology. 

Our modular mobile shelving makes the most of every inch of space, by sliding together, and apart again for easy access. Now we introduce an option to include an affordable electronic operating system with your installation.

The FremTrac system is 100% relocatable, with no need for dusty building work. Our quick, noise-free installation can double your storage in hours, and as always, we manufacture standard and bespoke sizes to maximise your storage in any possible space.

With property costs ever increasing, can you afford not to make the most of your precious space?

Get in touch via our website to book your FREE design consultation, and you’ll be on your way to creating 100% more storage space.

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