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The changing face of library spaces
16 June 2016

Although we hear a lot about budget cuts and reduced opening hours in many public library services, this less good news hides much that is new, innovative and forward-looking in the libraries sector.

As local authorities look to the future shaping of cultural and community spaces, the library is beginning to take on a changing but still vital role in civic life. Many schools are also recognising the value of libraries not only for books and information, but for creativity, interaction and developing digital skills. And in the academic and college world, libraries are becoming interactive learning spaces, creative and collaborative spaces with room for quiet study as well.

What all this means when it comes to design is - it helps to work with a partner who can demonstrate innovative thinking and imaginative insight into not only what a library space will look like, but how it will work and how it will be received by users, students and staff.

Frem group offer an extensive range of library furniture from library shelving, library counters, display furniture, lockers, pods and technology solutions. All suitable for both primary and secondary schools, colleges and higher education spaces as well and public Libraries.

We also recently launched the flexible Matrix 6 collection of soft seating with innovative embedded technology at Clerkenwell Design Week. Matrix 6 is being extremely well received with our library focused dealers.

Get a more in depth understanding of how the library world is changing by visiting a unique online resource for librarians, architects, designers and furniture suppliers.

Visit our Library product section to learn more about our Frem's range of Library products.