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Libraries are helping to improve mental health this World Mental Health Day
10 October 2018

Frem library products are helping to create positive space

This World Mental Health Day focuses on the mental health and well-being of young people that are growing up in today’s world. Access to information has never been easier than ever, but along with the widespread use of technology comes exposure to additional pressures, cyber bullying and the awareness of increased violence across the world.

Research has proven that libraries have an array positive effects on a person’s well-being, confidence and empathy. Reading for pleasure has also been found to reduce symptoms of stress and depression.

As a manufacturer of furniture for schools, universities and libraries, not just workplaces and offices, we are passionate about creating spaces that give young people a place where they can grow in confidence, access information about mental health and well-being and even just take a breather in a quiet safe space.

For more information about how our products can help you create a library that will help your users, colleagues, and students, contact us here.

We have also gathered a range of resources below for who need more information about your own mental health as well as how you can help support those closest to you, your colleagues, users or students alike.

World Health Organization
Worried about the future? Preventing depression during your teens and twenties.
Suicide prevention: toolkit for engaging communities

Teen Mental Health

Mind Charity
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World Federation for Mental Health
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